Sexy cases that look like CM silencio 550 or antec p180

currently i have a CM HAF 912 because it was cheap and i could afford better internals by getting a cheap case.

i am looking for a case that looks similar to the cases listed and has that sleek and sexy look. i dont care if its an ultra silent case, i plan on modding and sticking a window in. good cable management is prefered. atx or micro atx [not sure if im going to replace my gigabyte board with an ROG gene-z yet, but a sexy case might decide that], dont care much about front ports, i do like having an easy to remove HDD bay like on the silencio but i will be alright with out one. preferably under $200

i am also a huge fan of the maingear shift case, but sadly thats not going to happen ='[
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  1. I would look at the minimalist cases from both BitFenix and Fractal Designs. Quite frankly they are doing the P180 better than Antec ever did.
    Without a budget in mind, there are several very interesting cases from Silverstone as well. But really the Arc midi and BitFenix outlaw are great cases. I really like what Fractal and BitFenix are doing right now. Hihgly recommended.

    I'm looking at putting a window in the outlaw, I dig the 180 degree motherboard flip!
  2. i do like the flip of the outlaw so i can see my bloody GPU, its extremely annoying to not look at the pricey hunk of awesomeness that defines the amazingness of your computer
  3. im liking the define r3 black pearl/titanium grey and define mini by fractal. put a window on them and they are almost exactly what i am looking for
  4. Define R3 is a good case, but cooling isn't the best. With the mini, you can only fit Micro ATX mobos. Do what I did! Get the new mid-tower from Fractal, the Arc Midi, and add a window!

    Before window

    After Window

    I added lights too, but haven't taken any photos yet. Also, cable management and build room is AWESOME in the Arc Midi. Room on top for a 240mm rad (you can fit up to a 60mm thick rad with push pull 25mm fans, but I've only got push at the moment)!
  5. i really like the look of the define r3 and define mini, either way i am going to put a window on it. i am not sure if i want to get a new mobo yet, but i have been thinking about getting the asus rog z68 gene-z. i think ill just wait for ivy bridge before i upgrade my board. i think i am leaning more towards the define r3.

    in my haf 912 i have 6 case fans and i getting a bit tired of the noise so i am going to go with as many 140mm variable speed fans as i can instead of 120s and im going to upgrade my zalman heat sink with a CM v6 or some other cooler master heat sink.

    ill probably remove or cut out some of the HDD bays for better air flow like i did in my haf 912, it has so much air flow that the exhaust feels cooler than room temp and it actually acts sort of like an AC. i really want install a hot swap HDD in the other 5.25 bay
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