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Fake windows can not be installed on a Sabertooth z77 MB?

I am going to buy a Sabertooth z77 motherboard but I read that it has a protection that does not allow to install fake windows on it..
Is this true,if it is is there any way to install the fake ones or to get the original for small money?
Any suggestion will be helpful,Thanks.
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  1. Microsoft sets the MSRP for Windows, so you're unlikely to find much variance in the price. So either save your money until you can buy Windows, or look into an OS like Linux, because piracy is a no-no topic here.
  2. Get Ubuntu instead or a get the basic edition of windows 7. I think it is called starter or home edition.
  3. Pretty absurd. If you can afford the Sabertooth you should be able to afford $100 for OEM windows. If the budget is that tight, get a really good mobo for $140 and you've made up the difference.
  4. I never bought windows because they are overpriced...and in my country cost much more than in the us...the are of 180 to 220$,if they were just 100 I would buy them...
    I got a Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit now...but fake...I would rather have the original version...
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    We are unable to assist with piracy in any form.
  6. Ok....You are right...guess Ill have to spend money on this....Sorry
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