hey guys i just sent my hd5850 to RMA but now thay are offering me back the new hd6850 .... should i go fr this one or shud i make them bring another hd5850 to me......

my card is of sapphire and they wud not send me a hd6870 for replacement even after i tried to bribe them......
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  1. well, the 5850 is faster on average than the 6850, although they can be pretty close depending on title. they should supply you with something equivelant or better. so i think they are jerking you around. Find some benchmarks and point it out to them that they are replacing your card with something worse and you do not want that.
  2. the 6000 series is numbered wrong.

    The successor to the 5850 should be the 6950.

    Essentially, they are offering you a weaker card but with more up to date features.
  3. the successor to the 5870 is the 6950.
    I'm pretty sure a 6870 is more on par with the 5850.
    You're getting jerked.
  4. agree, basically HD6850 is weaker than HD5850, +1 for iamthecrowe, find some benchmarks for both 5850 and 6850 then send it to them...
  5. ask for a 6870
    theres probably something where they have to send you something equal or better than u sent to them
  6. As others have said the correct replacement would be a 6870 not the 6850 -- Go here and compare the 5850 with either the 6850 or 6870 and you'll see the 6850 is weaker in almost all comparisons where the 6870 is usually equal or sloghtly better which is what an RMA replacement should be (you should not get a worse card as a replacement !)
  7. ^^^^^^^ this
  8. The 6850 is slightly weaker. Yes it will mostly give you the same experience and will do better in games that use tessellation, but that little extra can make the difference between smooth, and slightly jittery frame rates. I say hold out for another 5850 or a 6870. A 6870 would be a nice little upgrade ^_^
  9. They say that they cannot provide new hd6870 due to the company orders. Sapphire is providing only a new hd6850 or a used repaired hd5850 to me.they think that the hd6870 is above the hd5870 or on par with it.

    For hd5850 they said that it might take even a month before i receive my card so i called for the hd6850.

    A freakin MONTH....... very bad support.
  10. then take that 6850, it's a little bit slower but it's newer tech... :)
  11. Dang, that's crappy.
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