ASUS P6T drivers dont work.

The CD that came with my ASUS P6T vanilla isn't compatible with windows 7 64bit. I heard that theres a way to install windows vista 64bit drivers but where do you get them?
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  1. I have a P6Tse and the BIOS supplied was 0203 which works fine on Win7rc x64 for me.

    There isn't (yet) a Windows 7 specific BIOS available for the regular P6Ts and, having no problems, I did not bother trying the Vista 0307 upgrade (I gather there is now also 0402).
  2. I had the same trouble installing drivers from the mobo disk with my Asus P6T SE, although I couldn't get the setup programs on the disk to work like siggy. I went to device manager and selected each device in turn and updated the drivers, direting windows to search the dvd drie each time. A bit slow but it worked a treat - about half of the devices updated their driversdirect from the Asus DVD. The only problem I had was with the ICH10R RAID controller - I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT USE THIS METHOD FOR THESE DRIVERS. I had a couple of nasty problems until I reinstalled the windows driers. Incidentally, the original RAID driver came from the same disk and were installed during the Win7 setup...
    PS I have BIOS Rev. 0307
  3. I had the same problem with the drivers DVD from Asus for my P6T mobo, it won't install drivers for Windows 7 (Home Premium), stating the drivers are incompatible with Windows 7 64-bit, or something like that. I went to the Asus website (, and once select all my information (mobo type & OS version), I downloaded the drivers directly from Asus, unzipped the download, and installed them with the "setup" included in the d/l. After doing much research and comparisions, I only downloaded and installed the following drivers: Chipset, Audio, LAN, and ATK0110 (from Utilities). I DID NOT install the drivers from the "Other" category for JMicron JMB36X, as I am not using this option on my mobo. (BTW: when I did dinstall this driver, without usage, it coruppted my "device Manager" in Windows, changing/displaying wrong the information for my DVD drive, SATA HDD's, and slowed the read/write speed when copied files from one SATA drive to another. I did a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade (a whole other issue!), and Windows 7 seem to reconize and install drivers for everything on the mobo. I only updated the drivers when the date of the install driver was older (way older!) then the Asus provided driver (hence; only the ones I d/l'd). My sytem seems the rock now! Why would Asus provide a DVD driver disk that is not supported by the latest/greatest Micosoft OS?
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