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My first LCD monitor has arrived. It is a CML175 and this is my very subjective first impression. So far, I am not impressed, even comparing to my 7 yrs old 17" Sony Triniton monitor. The first thing I realize is color. Just like Tom's review, I found the blue a little bit off. I try to use the Color Mgmt to readjust it, but it still doesn't come out perfect. On brightness, the factory default of 100 is way too bright, esp when there is a white background. But only at high setting will the screen looks the best. In lower setting, everything look too dark. Perhaps, it is related to poor contrast level? Another down side of LCD is all those web quality images looks much more grainy. Don't know why, just feel that way.

On refresh rate, I see no ghosting when playing movies or FSP games. But I do see it when scrolling webpages or playing strategy games when I move the screen from one area to another area. It takes a tiny bit of time for the screen to settle down and this made me dizzy at first. However, after half hour of game play, I have adjusted to it and no longer an issue for me. Fast scrolling webpages remain an issue. I just don't know how people can live with any LCd with more than 20ms refresh rate.

Taking Tom's advice, I switch the monitor to use analog signal. Immediately, there is a huge impact. It feels the picture is not as sharp, everything is a little smoothen out. Contrast is not right. If I set it in mid level, there is not enough contrast. If I set it all the very to very high value, all colors are off. After looking at digital, analog is just not acceptable.

So far, it may seems I am unhappy at the monitor and I would return it. The answer is no. I will keep it. Comparing to my old triniton CRT, the LCD is much much better for my eyes. The CRT gives me a lot of eye-strain, no longer for LCD. The above problems are issues but I can live with it. I believe over time, I will adjust to it or I have find ways to adjust it better. Bottom line is it is one of the best in the market right now and it helps my eyes.

Please share any tip on how to adjust color.

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  1. My experience with this monitor (well, mine is 174) is exactly the same as you describe. Eyestrain is gone. And that is important.
    I guess there must be a way to adjust its colors and brightness-contrast better. I tried the software Natural Color and have been playing with the nvidia drivers a bit, and it got a little better, but not enough.

  2. The 174 looks amazing to me... all colors are sharp, excellent brightness, and no ghosting

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  3. I do try to adjust the color with Samsung's Natural Color program. When I am done, the color goes way off. If I remember correctly, the blue value is significantly lower than the other 2 colors. What RGB values do you get?

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