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I have windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. I have my main account witch is password protected and made another account for family and/or friends and i want to make a limit to how much space they can use on my HDD. I have an empty partition for that account but i do not know how to limit the account only to that partition. Also i would like to limit the data that they can use in desktop. I have never done this before so i am asking:
Can someone please help me?

Thank you in advice.

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  1. Not quite what you ask for, but you might like to consider the use of disk quotas to solve your problem.
  2. I read your response to my post a wile ago but that won't do quite what i had in mind..i am still searching. Thank you for helping.
  3. Please close this thread. I do not have time to search for answers now and post or keep it up to date. I do not want to keep it on for too much. There is no answer for now, i will reopen one later, after i do more research. Thank you.
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