How do i find my computers name

after i logg on my pc loggs straight back off, i belive i can fix this via a networked pc but i don't know the name of the pc wiht the problem and i can't logg on to find out what it is, can any one help????
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  1. can you log into Save Mode?
  2. Use the machines IP address to access it remotely, no need for the host name...not sure about your network setup, but you could get the ip of the box from your routers administration page, or, if you only have a couple of pcs, just ping the next available address and logon to the machine via an RDP sounds like your OS may be having other issues though if it is acting that strange.
  3. is thus what you are trying to do?

    you should be able to see names in the IP table of the router.
    or in the Network screen where it show computers connected to your network. refresh the screen after you have booted the computer and it reached the login screen.
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