How to disable FDD on AsRock Z77 Pro3?

So my Windows 7 installation keeps hanging on "Setup is starting..." forever, and a solution posted was to disable the floppy disk drive port since it's not being used. I'm kinda a newbie as this is my first PC Build, so thanks for the help.
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  1. Is SATA set to AHCI or IDE in BIOS? If AHCI, switch to IDE and see if it does work.
  2. Thanks, that worked! But there's a new problem that came up. When I try to format a partition, I get the error "Failed to format the selected partition. [Error: 0x80070057]."
  3. Try installing firstly the Intel SATA driver.
    Then try using Disk management for deleting, shrinking or formatting the volume/partition.
  4. How would you go about doing this?
  5. Download the SATA driver from
    and install it.
    Right click Computer, choose Manage, then Disk Management.
    Right click the partition/volume you want to format and choose format. If not working, click delete and create a new one.
    See if it does work this way. Make sure you save the necessary data from the partition you want to format and to not format/delete a wrong partition/volume. All data on it would be lost.

    You really SHOULD be using AHCI if possible however.

    *Make sure no other hard drives are installed.

    **If the hard drive issue continues, try to WRITE ZEROS to it. One of the tools in does this. (this gets rid of any formatting that may cause issues.)
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