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I'm new to this website :D , but i got a problem with my laptop's network map , My laptop is connected to an Unknown and that unknown is connected to my pc in my other room and then my pc is connected to my gateway. I don't why my laptop is connected to an unknown and how i'm getting internet on my laptop even though it shows i have no connections th the gateway.
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  1. Is my network map suppose to be like that?
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  4. Are you wired or wireless on the laptop?
  5. Wireless
  6. Also having same issue, but mine is one of three laptops on the wireless network, and it is the only one that shows connection to an "Unknown" and then the normal router to the Internet.

    Any ideas? It is affecting the way that my new laptop can share/view data from each of the homegroup computers as well as being able to remotely connect to a computer that should allow for all on the network, it just doesn't see the new computer as being on the same exact network as the other cluster of computers.
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