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I have an ASRock Z77 Extreme 4, an Intel i5-3570k and a CoolerMaster Hyper212 EVO. I have my i5-3570k at 4.5 GHz and the temperature for the CPU is between 60-65 Celsius under load, but there is one temperature that is concerning me a lot. According to HW Monitor, my motherboard's TMPIN3 temperature is over 80 degrees under load, though it is around 30 degrees at idle. I'm not sure what TMPIN3 refers too, but this excessive temperature is really freaking me out. Is it really supposed to be that much higher than the CPU temp and what is it? Thanks.
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  1. You are using a aftermarket cooler for your CPU so your CPU temperatures are bound to be low. I think that refers to your GPU, which is a little high. You need not worry about that.
  2. It's not referring to my GPU, I'm loading the CPU up with only prime95 and the GPU isn't under load at all. If I load the GPU with FurMark or some other test the TMPIN3 temp stays low and doesn't change.
  3. i searched it on the internet and found people with temp of TMPIN3 temperatures exceeding 200degrees C. others said that it is a malfunctioning sensor and others anout what i previously told. in all of the discussions one thing was clear that it was harmless.
  4. I've seen those search results also, and the thing that worries me is that they say their sensor is stuck on the same temperature all the time, which indicates it's broken. Mine changes between 30-80 degrees depending on load conditions which indicates to me the sensor works.
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