No Display of Geforce 8800 GTX on Foxconn G31MX

Hi guys

I'm having so much trouble by this graphic card GeForce 8800 GTX on Fxconn G31MX. I have tried everything but still couldn't get this card running on my PC. I plug the card on the board. Plug in the PCIe power on the card(6pin+6pin). When turn on the pc, normal single beep comes from the mobo but no display. I even tried using the DVIt-VGA converter but still no help.(I have Sony LCD having the capability to run D-sub and DVI. I have checked it on other PCs. Also i tested the card on other PCs as well and its running perfectly, but it wont display on my mobo. Being the card plugged in i decided to plug in the onboard d-sub port a well and what happens the onboard VGA gives the display. So I change the BIOS settings to use PEG display only, but to my unfortunate luck, it gives simultaneous beeps error.....
Can anyone please help me :(

PS: Both graphic card and mobo has PCIe 1.x and I have a PSU XION 630 WATT. It works great with HD 5870(tested for a long time to make sure)

Graphic Card:
Graphic Card (Image only):
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  1. Try a different power supply, or a different power plug on it.

    Normally I'd just say the card is dead since it's an 8800 but if it works in another PC, it's not that.
  2. done that already.....
  3. Do you get any image displayed while booting up your pc with the nvidia card in it? Or aren't you seeing anything at all?

    The first thing that comes to mind for me is that either your power supply is either unstable (on one or two connectors) which causes your card to not work. Or that you power supply is to low in watt. It's possible that the Ati card uses up less power in idle state (eg. booting up) then the nvidia.

    Are the fans of your gpu starting up right away when booting?
  4. i have teo PSUs
    xion 630 watt
    antec 850 watt
    both of them are in new condition and work great with other motherboard with this graphic card plugged in
    no i dont see a matter of fact mobo doesnt even detect the card.gpu fan works in constant speed....
  5. btw the mobo on which this card works is asus p6t
    and nw i have bought a new board asus P8H61-M LX considering i should get a pcie 2.0 board to solve the issue, on my surprise it still doesnt works on that mobo two....
    lks like 8800 gtx z nw n luv wid asus p6t :D
  6. any other ideas guys?
    i have even flashed the bios of 8800 gtx to latest rev....but stil no luck
  7. isn't that new asus board a crossfire board? which might result in nvidia compatibility issues?
  8. no mate, it has only one pcie slot....
    chk it out urself
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