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I need a keyboard ribbon connector clip for a dell laptop studio 1737 the plastic clip that hold the keyboard ribbon to the mother board can some one tell me were I can get one thanks
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  1. Wow. That's, uh, specific.

    I'd probably start by asking Dell.
  2. I would but all they want is to ask if you have a contract with us be for we can tell you anthing
  3. dont ask them directly ask them for for a name and number for an authorized dell parts supplier usually they can give you that bc dell wont sell u parts but they can turn you over to their authorized dealers.
  4. Is the clip on the keyboard or motherboard? You can buy replacement keyboards on ebay, no problem. But if the part that broke is on the motherboard, you'll need a new motherboard. Unless you can solder REALLY well.
  5. can some one tell were I may find a old mother board for a dell studio 1737 I don't need it to be working I just want the ribbon clip thanks need help :o :o
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