Budget future proof 600-700$ gaming pc

Hello forum

I want to build a gaming pc under 600-700 $ (USD).
Please suggest some good pc parts(Each and every possible hardware)
And the main feature must be that its future proof(no one can predict that but at least run most games maxed including BF3 for next 3 - 4 years)

I cant afford more than that as i am in collage so,you know,still dont earn that much.

Any great and ideal sol would be appretiated.

ADD info:

Ill be overclocking,not running sli/crossfire.

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  1. You won't be able to run most games at max for 3-4 years with that budget. But don't fret. I would recommend investing in a 2500k processor and decent mobo- that platform will last you that long. As far as GPU horsepower, that will become less powerful (relative to in game performance of newer GPUs) faster.
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  3. the setup i built for u below is best for 700-800 budget.

    Case, good airflow, good cable management, usb3

    Cpu, best for the money, quad-core, easy to overclock. i am not recommending i5 2500k because processors these days are so powerful, most people cannot even use its full potential.

    motherboard, good for the money, easy to overlock, sata 6, usb 3

    gpu, best for ur budget to play battlefield

    Solid state hybrid drive, has speed and capacity

    Ram, ddr3 1600, 1.5v

    heatsink, good and cheap


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