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Im pretty sure, somewhere some one posted a quest just like the one i am about to ask. srry!

My house isnt well insulated, especially the room that computer is in, which is great during the winter but horrible during the summer. Recently, I built a new up-to-date gaming computer with the Intel Core-i5 2500k CPU. It is using the intel stock cooler that came with the CPU since i didnt see a reason to get a aftermarket cooler at the time. I built it in the early winter, which helped keep the temps cooler. Now my problem is with the cooler. Its starting to warm up outside, and so it my computer. The temps have become a huge concern to me. In the winter, the MAX with prime95 was 52C, which is great for the stock cooler. Now that it has started warming up, my temps have reached 70C with the stock cooler and its not even summer yet. I have been looking at coolers for the past week or so, but i dont know how to check compatibility with CPU coolers. I dont want to need the hugest air cooler.

My question is will the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo fit my ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gene3 Motherboard. Dont worry if it blocks the first RAM slot, I dont use it but if it block the first two, then it will be an issue.

Thanks! :D
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    Yes will fit verry good.
  2. Yes it would be fine.
    Depending on your ram height it might not block any dimms.
  3. Thanks. Wasnt sure if it would and didnt know how to check. Thanks again! :)
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