Is my GPU not getting enough Power?

Hello, i recieved my pc a few days ago and it was working fine, then yesterday my screen started getting wierd lines all over it and sometimes a black line down the middle and half of the screen either side of the line (i have to shut down to get rid of it). This mainly happens in the games loading screen but has done it randomly on games and on the desktop. I have bought new leads and tested my monitor and they are both fine.

I was thinking because it mainly happens in loading screens could my Cpu using up most of the power and not leaving enough for my GPU? My specs are Amd Fx 6100, 8gb ddr3, 500gb samsung hdd, Amd radeon 6870. And i only have a 500w Xigmatek??? Could this be the problem?

If anyone can help me out please do as i have started to lose ideas as to why it is happening.
Thanks very much :)
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  1. Is you PSU a Xigmatek NRP-PC502? From the reviews I have seen they seem to say it would be ok for a Office PC but not gaming. That PSU has a total of 40amp over 2 12volt rails(20amps per rail). Personally I would invest in a better PSU.
    Excessively high noise/ripple on all DC rails
    80 Plus Bronze not met
  2. But the PSU is not causing your graphics problem. Sounds like you have a hardware fault unrelated to the PSU.
  3. Okay i am sending off my gpu to the company i bought it off, they will sort it out :)
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