GA-MA69GM-S2H MB question?

:hello: Hey everybody!

So, my new GA-MA69GM-S2H MB came in the mail today (it was terribly packaged I'm disappointed). My old one had stopped working, but all the components still worked.
Anyway, I was told that this one was used and still worked, but when I put in the mobo speaker, there's no beep!
The computer still turns on, but there's just no beep... or visual. Everything's working fine and nothing broken. I even replaced the cpu and tested it out on a different computer to see if that was the problem.. It wasn't.

Can someone please help me out? It's so hard to find one nowadays :lol: :bounce:
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  1. What CPU are you trying to run on it? Maybe you need a BIOS update for the board to recognize the CPU.
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