Does the Ati radeon hd 6850 fit in my motherboard?

Hello, i would like to know if my motherboard, would work with the graphic card Ati radeon hd 6850. What i am afraid of is that it won't fix in the slot because its too big. I don't know if you can see from the specifications, but near the pci x16 slot to the left there are 2 more slots i don't know what for. I'm afraid that the card is too thick and it will probably be blocked by the 2 slots i just told you. Please help me i don't want to spend my money on something if it won't fit. THANKS :wahoo:
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  1. Will it fit the motherboard? YES. Will it fit into your case? Depends on the make and model you are using. Blocking the adjacent PCI-e slots is probably not a problem for you. Please clarify on the case you are using.
  2. Hello, thank you for the answer.I have an Atx Middle tower 4 bay. This is how it looks & my pc specs.
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