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Sapphire 6770 core clock problem

Hi guys,

I just bought a new sapphire 6770 card...and checked its core clock..its set at 775 MHz instead of 850 MHz..the memory clock is at 1200Mhz.and the problem is..after installing MSI afterburner to see its overclocking capabilities...The core clock slider ends at 800MHz..!?? how it that possible..?? i thought that 6770 comes with a 850 MHz clock which is overclocked from factory 800Mhz...Instead i get a underclocked card which i can't even overclock over 800Mhz..??

Is the card damaged or something..??
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  1. Stupid questions but nobody else has replied yet. Have you connected the 6 pin power cord and have you installed the correct drivers for it?
  2. Get gpuz, make sure you have the right drivers. Make sure everything is plugged into it. Reinstall msi afterburner; and confirm what ever it's saying with GPUZ.
    Also give your computer specs. Because your computer could be the culprit.
  3. Yes i have connected the 6pin connector cause without it won't even start...and yes i have the latest version of drivers and everything..also tried the gpuz same story there...775MHZ core 1200MHZ memory...

    and i have
    i3 550 3.2 GHz
    4GB DDR3 SD ram
    120,320,500GB HD's
    a 320 watt PSU powering everything else and a 400watt PSU which is powering the card only
  4. and why is there an "18" after every post ends..?? Is the site hacked or is there a special occasion when 18 means something..??
  5. sunnyhj said:
    and why is there an "18" after every post ends..?? Is the site hacked or is there a special occasion when 18 means something..??

    Been wondering the same thing
  6. Haha thought that was just me. Have you tried bios and increasing the pcie speed and voltage?
  7. Naa...cause my CPU is HP made so there is no settings of voltage and speed for cpu and Pci...but really...WHY should i..?? Doesn't this card come with a 850MHz speed ?? And why can't i just simply increase the speed with a simple slider..??

    My old 8600gt has slider that when over 900...And it came with a core clock of 540MHz!! and this just ends at 800 ?!?
  8. and why is there an "18" after every post ends..??
    Lol, now it's 14. But what is your psu? Like is it a 12v rail. And what amps is on that rail for the card?
    I can understand how you are useing two psu's. I'm doing the same :lol:
  9. it has 25amps on its 12V rails....
  10. Is your slot a pcie2.0 at x16?
  11. yes...its a PciE 2.0 x16

    and here's a gpuz screenshot
  12. The last thing i can think of is your bios. Anything else i would think of after that is a defective part :(
  13. Well there is really nothing i can do for the bios i will have to live with this underclocked version of card...i might just rma it in a month or two.. :P
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    Yeah Rma it, and get the 6850 :lol:. It's a good card, trust me. :p
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  16. i was able to overlock it to 850 even 900!! ..with the help of trixx :)
  17. Now check your fps and see if it compares to other peoples cards.
  18. Hi sunnyhj, I am facing a similar problem and I think it may have more to do with the graphics card. Sapphire manufactures 2 versions of the Radeon HD 6770 both with , the links are provided below


    The first one is the card I ordered from flipkart and the second one is the card I have received. The first one is clocked at 850MHz and the second one at 775MHz. In addition the second card is missing a few features like AMD Eyefinity, HD3D, advanced antialiasing support (as per the website information) and the presence of a display port as well as some other features. Instead it gives Vapor-X cooling (supposedly even though this is not a VaporX card) and gives a normal VGA port. I am thinking of getting mine replaced as the one they had advertised on flipkart is different from the one I have received and I would prefer not to have to overclock the GPU if I can help it. Is this the same problem that you have faced?
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