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I have been expiriencing some connection problems lately. I noticed it after I reinstalled xp on one of my computers. Here is the issue: I have 2 desktop pc's using a modem that goes to a router. From the router the cables go to each computer. Before I did the reinstall I had made a home network so I could access files from each computer. I also have a laptop that I connect with using the network i created. Now after the reinstall of xp, the connections seems to not work, then work, then not work. My other desktop works like normal as well as the laptop. I can even see the name of my network when I connect through my laptop. Now I can't remember how to add my computer back into the network. I am thinking that is why I am having this connection problems. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. purushottamaher said:
    Hi Divey1130,

    Have check the Workgroup of your both Computers ?
    in one Network all Computers Workgroup need same then they will become in Same Network & and also try to Reconfigured your Computer Network.

    How do I make them to the same workgroup? Is it the same as changing the computers name. I had help setting it up so I don't understand how to go about doing this.
  2. Hello, I use windows vista and av being using my modem and fone 2 browse wit pc suite. But it later tellin me "error 638: remote server not responding in a timely version". I tink dis is due 2 d fact a new com port is registered weneva i remove and reinstall d modem and fone. Pls help
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