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Okay, so my dad has recently switched to Shaw; a cable modem + a DLINK wireless router (parents room). I was previously with Telus, and it came with a wireless modem/router (DLINK model: DVA-G3810BN/TL). Now that I'm not using the router from Telus, I'm wondering what useful things I can/should do with it. In my room I have a computer, hooked up to a wireless DLINK adapter and a Xbox.

With this spare router, is it possible to hook it up with my Xbox for online connectivity without being connected to the modem in my parent's room? (Somehow retrieve internet from my desktop, which is connected to a wireless adapter)

Sorry if this seems confusing haha. I'm new the network idea.

This my seem very confusing but (idk if it's the same)
Is it possible to connect my router to my desktop, which is already connected to a wireless adapter, to have the router become an access point
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  1. is the xbox wired or wireless?
  2. its wired
  3. Ive been using the trick to hook up an xbox to a laptop/desktop thats connected to the internet, via ethernet cord
  4. so you going to connect wirelessly you computer to your parent's Dlink, and then connect the xbox via ethernet cable to your computer.

    do I under stand that right that you want your Dlink between the computer and your xbox?
  5. Noo. Actually I'm just wondering if I can create an access point from my computer with my current spare router :D
  6. if you are trying to use your router as a wireless bridge repeater (router connecting wirelessly to another router), the answer is NO. That router cannot be upgraded by firmware to provide bridge mode.

    this one will once updated with the DD-WRT firmware
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