PC not going into sleep mode with KVM switch

Recently purchased a Rosewill 2 port KVM switch so my laptop can use my main monitor, keyboard and mouse. Since hooking it all up, the main PC will not go into sleep mode on it's own after 10 minutes of inactivity it had previously (which I had it set to). I removed the switch, and it went to sleep after 10 minutes, reinstalled the switch and it stayed "awake". I can manually put it to sleep via either the start button, or via the sleep button on my keyboard...but it won't on it's own.

Strange thing - the monitor will still turn off after 5 minutes no matter if the switch is hooked up or not.

Any suggestions or setting I need to tweak?
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  1. dont know why but this great freeware software may help fix it

    can turn off--sleep--hibernate etc for a lot of given options--ie pc idle--no network activity--after certain time--at a set time and more

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