[Mobo + HDD] HDD not recognized during POST

Hello everyone,

Since friday, I cannot get my computer to boot. Recently, I had to do a CMOS reset due to no signal to monitor, and it went ok. But, 2 days later, during POST, when listing attached devices, it's not showing my HDD name anymore, staying with only a black space in Master #1 slot (it was working fine). Only DVD-RW device is being listed normally.

Could it be a Mobo problem (since recent problems has been appearing) ou is it more likely to be a HDD problem?

Thanks in advance,

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    is it IDE hdd? (i figured since you said master)
    try plugging it to the connector your dvd is plugged into or a different cable if you have spare (IDE cables are known to go bad, i had like 3-4 messing up throughout the years)

    also try plugging IDE cable to the other channel in motherboard (same if it's SATA), and plug different power connector aswell (preferably on different psu cable, could also be psu problem)
  2. Hi!

    Thanks for your reply. It's a SATA one, and started to trouble out of nothing. No strange noise, nothing at all. One thing I noticed and forgot to mention is that when it happens, HDD is recognized as a 67Gb one, when it's really a 1Tb disk.
    Anyway, I'll give a try to you tip, and try an external case, just to check if anything can be done.
    My mobo (a Gigabyte DA-G31M-S2L) is being a pain lately. Maybe it's time for an upgrade...
  3. After all, it was a problem it the MoBo controller. Using a SIL 3132 solved my problems. Thanks.
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