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Note: I am not here to advertise and/or sell this PC, I just want to get an accurate idea of what I should sell this for.

Here's the Craigslist ad.

The description of the ad pretty much sums everything up. It's a great PC (not perfect, but it was my first build), it's perfectly clean. I even swapped out the thermal paste under the heatsinks of the mobo, CPU, and GPU with Arctic 5.

What do you think I could be getting for this? As the ad says, I'm trying to get $450 for it. A quick look around the internet shows that, to buy all those components new, would be around $685 (just for reference).

I'm looking to sell as soon as possible so I can buy the parts for a new 2500k build. Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. Its a decent build, the only thing that holds it back a little IMHO is the dual core CPU, if it had a quad it would be better. I think that what you are asking is about right, but start a little higher. I would ask $500 and bargain from there.
    Have you had any inquiries at $450?
  2. You aren't far off with $450 including the $100 OS license. The problem is that its a dual core CPU that has been overclocked. Most people see that and will shy away assuming you failed to overclock properly and shortened its lifespan. Probably not the case, but you may want to put it back to stock settings and advertise it as a 3.2GHz machine. AM3+ motherboard is nice, but someone would need to spend more $ to upgrade to the BD CPU. GTX 460 is respectable, but probably hindered by the CPU. The rest is pretty standard with 4GB of memory, 500GB HD and the lot... $350 to $400 may be a better price range.
  3. I'd give you $300, maybe $350 for that. Not a big fan of Biostar that's why.

    I tried selling my Q9550, ASUS Rampage MB, 4GB Mushkin Redline, CFX ATI 4870 HD, Antec P180 case, 850W Silverstone PSU, 2X 640 WD Blacks in Raid-0 a couple years ago. Was asking $700 OBO........not one reply. So right now it's collecting dust in my basement. I use it as a HTPC for my downstairs TV once in a while.

    Otherwise good luck on your 2500k build.
  4. So you think I should advertise it as a 3.2GHz? Should I mention that it's capable of 4GHz stable as well?

    And I've gotten an offer or two for $400, but I held them off, as I need as much money as I can to finish up this new build.
  5. jackofhearts495 said:
    So you think I should advertise it as a 3.2GHz? Should I mention that it's capable of 4GHz stable as well?

    I would put it at the stock settings. When you have someone on the hook let them know it is 4.0GHz stable and produce screen shots of 4.0GHz showing acceptable voltage and temps so they know it wasn't abused.
  6. Got it, thanks. Any other tricks to selling? I figured using Craigslist to sell locally would avoid shipping (pain the rear), scams, etc.
  7. I think you should have taken one of the $400 offers. Used computers, home built or not, are nearly always worth less than the owner thinks.
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