Upgrade from 5750

8GB ram
650w cooler master gx psu
i7 - 870
mb stock (its a lenovo k320 that I put some new parts in basically)
radeon hd 5750
monitor: 23" Vizio HD 1080p tv
resolution: 1920x1080

This is a stock computer in a stock case that I upgraded with a new PSU and gfx card a few months ago. So overclocking is out of the question.

I'm looking for a card in the $100 - $200 range that will run BF3 (I know, I said it..), the new Elder Scrolls, and anything else coming out.

So I'm looking for a DECENT card that will run great not overclocked. (since overclocking in my case would be a disaster) - Just wanting to play games on medium settings and possibly high with some settings turned down.

I am gaming at 1920x1080 but if I cant get a card to play games at those resolutions I will turn it down to 1680x1050 to stay within my price range. Just want something to get me by decently until I can afford a killer card.

I was looking at this 6870:

Any help pointing me into the right direction would be awesome. Thanks!
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  1. HD6870 would be the minimum card! The GTX560TI's linked to above are though more powerful and worth the price premium after MIR.
  2. Yes, HD6870 is a nice upgrade from HD5750, but you've said that this card is temporary, right? Why don't you wait a little bit and save some bucks to get a HIGH end card like HD6970 or GTX580/590?
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