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First of all I just did my first build and although I am somewhat tech savy I'm still not a pro and definitely still learning. The computer is running really well, no problem with games internet is amazingly fast and no problems to speak of so far. Overall very pleased.

That said I have a
amd 8350 cpu
a Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 motherboard
Evga 660ti graphics card
and a samsung 840 SSD
running on windows 8

I put in 16 gb of RipjawsX F3-2133c9d-16GHX ram (9-9-9-24) It got rave reviews on both amazon and Newegg.

My problem is that the benchmark is awful for the ram. So I used "Speccy" and found out it's only running at 673 Mhz.

I updated all my drivers and my bios. My computer stays around the 30's C range.

Should I go with another type of Ram for my build? Is there a way to tweak the ram to get it up to the 2133? If not how high can it go and how do I do it?

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  1. Correction the Ram is 9-11-11-31 and 1.6v

    I figured out in the bios how to adjust the timing to the above setting and put the mhz at 1600 ...now it's running at right around 800 mhz according to speccy.

    Can I just put it at 2133 mhz?
  2. Firstly you need to multiply the speccy speeds x2 to get the actual speeds. So you are running at 1600mhz now. And you did fine setting the bios.

    Looking at your mobo running it at 2133mhz wouldn't be wise. The mobo's spec sheet lists 2000mhz as it's max ram speed (even specifies it's the OC speed). Setting it to 2000mhz would be as fast as I'd push it.
  3. makes a lot more sense now. Thanks so much

    Is there anyway to figure out what the best type of ram for the 8350 is? Or just trial and error based on benchmarks?

    How much weight should I even put in benchmarks?
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