Realtek HD Audio Manager outputting 50% of my CPU

Hello, I've noticed that my laptop is constantly getting a thermal shutdown going over 90 Degrees Celsius, I looked into it and it appears that Realtek HD Audio Manager was the cause of a lot of my problems. It was using 50% of my CPU's power and even on hard surfaces it overheated. Is there any way I can change this?
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  1. Question: Are you overheating because the Realteck software is stuck at 50%, or is the software stuck at 50% because you are overheating?

    Its very unlikely the audio software could possibly be doing that much work, but update drivers just to be safe.
  2. I'm overheating because Realtek is at 50%.

    I updated Realtek HD Audio Drivers and there was no effect. I'll proceed to update the rest of them and report back.
  3. Updated my drives and restarted my computer. The amount of CPU being used has drastically lowered to a minimal 2%.
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