Fitting an i7, need advice before I break something!


I am fitting an i7 into a Asus Z68.
The processor fits and is all correctly lined up, but when trying to pull the bendy bar thing down there is quite a bit of resistance.
Is it normal to have to pull it quite hard?
Also, there was no tube of grease supplied but there is a fancy blob on the Intel heatsink. Does that mean I don't need to apply any more?
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  1. its normal to have resistance--might even make a bit of a grinding noise--first time i fitted one it gave me a bit

    of a shock

    dont apply any more thermal paste
  2. +1 mcnumpty

    Yes there is a bit of resistance if you are worried you can check to the see that the cutout on both sides of the processor are lined up with the notchs on the socket frame.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. Yes, that locks the CPU is place pretty hard, so you may get a grinding noise and even some scratches on the CPU from the lever. There should be a little bolt thing at the end of the CPU socket and make sure the latch is locked under the bolt, not over.

    For the thermal paste, you already have it on the heatsink they gave you. Just use that.
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