Need help with fans for pc and cpu fans to replace stock heat sink fan

I need to ask something about PWM control really quick. I am trying to change stock fans in my case and may get a new cpu cooler.

I was looking at some really good fans to put in my case to replace fans and also add to the case in the spots that need them.

and maybe [...] 20with%204 (maybe the two front fans just in case they die out or something never know... but I like the blue leds and the stuff they have anyway, replacing two blue leds at the side of the case as it is >.< ).

Then there is this [...] 03-45.html

There won't be any problems with the artic cooling fans and pwm control with using the gelid fans and what ever other fan I put in my case right?

I was thinking of getting two akasa flexa 5 way splitters, one for the cpu fan header and one for another four pin fan header located near the sata ports for other fans that may need pwm control (I heard it is not smart to put a lot of stuff on a single fan header, is that correct?) i may only have 3-4 fans on the cpu fan header never know... just to be safe or something lol.

I may not even need two of those if things go to plan, yeah and my case is mainly going to be air built. not to long ago this weekend I ordered the CM 212+ Evo Revision 2, thinking of grabbing some prolimitech pk1 to go with it ( my older thermal paste is missing supposedly donno how though).

I wonder what I am going to do with my CPU if I am going to overclock or not, I may not even have need to even try it. But i hear that heat sink is a beast for it's price, only if it was a silver arrow. I'll probably get one of those or a phanteks later on though.

I heard Sa can get near 16 degrees Celsius at idle or some such, do not know what is the difference between the phanteks and it but phanteks seems to be better for some reason it it may have to do with the degree difference?
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  1. kikiking said:
    I heard Sa can get near 16 degrees Celsius at idle
    Where did you hear that?
    That's probably 16C rise above ambient temps on overclocked CPU full load - not 16C measured CPU temps at idle.
  2. Don't mess around with the CPU fan header connection.
    The system won't run if the motherboard 'thinks' the CPU fan isn't working.
  3. Ok, what is wrong with your case cooling right now?
    Are your system temps out of control?

    You seem to have forgotten to mention what case you have, how it's cooled now and what parts are running too hot.
  4. I am wanting to replace stock fans inside my case, and also add some for the top. and it is a lanboy air yellow case.

    my problem is that I looked at the cpu fan header and thought I could put a five way splitter on to it and connect the cpu heat sinks fans to it, long with maybe the rear fan and maybe the side fans, PWM. the cpu header has four pin and so does the sys fan 2.

    I was thinking 5 fans on cpu fan header was too much so I could put a splitter on the other four pin header too and add a few on there.
  5. Why are you wanting to replace the stock fans?
  6. basically I want to replace the stock fans with pwm fans, and add top and extra fans that are pwm.
  7. the stock fans are basically molex and not PWM. I was recommended with a few fan choices but decided to come here for advice :). they also mentioned that five way splitter. So I assume you know more about the cpu header, than I do anyway.

    If I add a splitter like that on it and the heat sinks fan and extra pwm fans it will cause a problem? I heard there may be problems with the fans trying to read the cpu's rpms and I may have to cut a yellow wire on the other fans that have pwm control.
  8. will the AC's PST technology conflict with gelid intelligent control?
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    With that akasa splitter you don't hav to worry because it has two connectors, a four pin to plug into the mobo for control and a molex to power the fans. I'd also advise using all the same fans on the splitter. I'd say go with 7 fans in that case. 2 as intake, three as exhaust and 2 for CPU cooler.
  10. Oh another thing as your looking for pwm fans, the akasa viper ak-fn059 are pretty good, are pwm and should look good in your case.
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