PSU for dell 435MT

What is a good PSU for dell 435MT?
Doesnt have to be cheap, i want something that works very good and for along time
I have ati radeon HD 5500 graphics card


PS- I will never buy from dell again, i have replaced the hard drive that crashed already and the graphics card that went bad. now the PSU seems to have problems and I also have to replace the sound card too, i bought this pc last year
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  1. do you think for gpu upgrade in future?
  2. Hi, sorry for a very late reply. I became a member only very recently. I know that Dell 435MT is a little picky when it came to PSU upgrade. Out of few options available (I high recommed you search the Dell community forums, as other PSU options are available), I decided to go with the Corsair TX750 Watt PSU. I chose the higher priced, and higher wattage PSU, as I planned to upgrade my GPU as time progressed. The PSU works great, and was 100% compatible with the Dell 435MT components including the case. The only warning I want to give you, is that it comes with a large number of wires, which may be a little of an issue with the smaller 435MT stock case, but nothing that cannot be managed with some time and dedication.
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