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I just bought an Alienware with Blu-Ray player but when I tried watching Green Lantern Blu-Ray disc, I was getting a Windows Media Player error. Was assuming that sicen I have the Blu Ray reader option installed, Wndows would also have the appropriate drivers to watch a BluRay movie. What can I install/use to watch my Blu Ray movies in my Alienware laptop?
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  1. Hello joseleonar;

    You can try a media player like VLC.
  2. The Blue ray playpack requires a codec that SONY charges about $20 per license to use so MS does not include it since it would add $20+ to the cost of every copy of windows --- The Blue Ray player should have come with a third party software to play Blue Ray disks If it did not then you'll need to buy one ( PowerDVD has a 30 day free Trial that you could use while deciding on which program you wanted )
  3. VLC does not play blu-ray (at least the free version). Laptop should have the app to play blu-ray. Mine came with PowerDVD 9.
  4. power dvd and arcsoft are the worst software i have ever used in my life. either are 100$ plus they crash all the time. put my pc blue ray in a drawer and bought a blue ray player for the tv.
  5. I use corel windvd pro and nero hd platinum to watch my blu-rays.Both work very well.
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