New build - Random / Frequent lockups

Hello all again! Unfortunately, for me lol, I am back. My last post was about my mobo not using the RAM in slot 3&4, which was found to be a defective motherboard.

Anyways, this time it is another problem. I am getting random, but somewhat frequent lockups with my build. The Bios is up to date along with all the new drivers. My build:

Mobo: Gigabyte z68xp-ud3 (NEW)
CPU: i7 2600k (NEW)
RAM: 2x4GB G.SKill && 2x2GB G.Skill (Dual Channeled correctly)
GPU: Geforce GTX 460
PSU: Black Widow 850w
Storage: 60GB SSD
Display: Running Dual monitor (No problems with old mobo / setup)

-I have double / triple checked the connections
-Not an overheating issue

-The one thing I can think of that might do something is maybe old drivers from my old motherboard are conflicting with my new motherboard??? I don't know if that is possible, but it is my only lead atm lol.

-I would love to not have to do a fresh install since I am without a SATA DVD drive atm.

Thanks for all the help in advance!
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  1. Wait, you're saying you're using drivers from another motherboard for motherboard that is wasn't supposed to??
  2. No no.

    I installed all the drivers for my new motherboard, but I never did a fresh install so I was wondering if maybe some old drivers were lingering around and conflicting.

    All of that is void now, I just did a fresh install. Been on about 40 minutes and no lockups yet. I will be leaving my computer on overnight.
  3. yeah, you're probably right, if you were using an old HDD, then the other drivers might conflict with the new motherboard
  4. Still looking for solutions.

    I ended up crashing in safe mode today. There is no set time or pattern to when I crash. There is no overheating issues. I am completely stuck and frustrated at the moment.

    W7 only had 4 of my cores enable, so I enabled the other four, and now it seems like I am crashing more often than I was before.

    The highest my temps have gone is 47 degrees C. This includes SC2, streaming, music, vent, browsers, and I'm sure a little more. CPU usage never went above 60 either.

    Please, any ideas, I can't tell if it is a mobo RMA or a CPU RMA if it is one...
  5. Do you just have the SSD? If so, it might be the SSD. I read a lot of reviews saying that some SSDs fail a lot. If you have another HDD try subsituting that for the SSD instead and see how it runs
  6. I am having the same trouble with my computer too.
  7. matt, what are the symptoms of the problem. Cause I think it might be the SSD in lepinat0r's computer. I have read a lot of reviews saying the SSD failed and died.
  8. I don't have a SSD, only a WD caviar Blue 500GB HDD

    I don't think it is the RAM, as I have run Memtest86+ mutliple times with no errors

    My computer randomly freezes, usually when watching youtube.
  9. maybe it's the video card? Do you have all the latest drivers?
  10. So.. I found out it was my RAM last night. My 2gb sticks run at a lower frequency than my 4gb sticks and for some reason this motherboard does not automatically lower the frequency of the higher ones. There is also no way that I have found to go manually do it. Pretty odd since a pos ASUS mobo I have can do it but my brand new z68xp ud3 can't..

    Thanks for all your help and suggestions roaringdragon, this thread has been resolved.
  11. ok
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