How to connect power on cable on motherboard

Hi Friends i have a new which i installed but in my computor case the panel wires are divided. i am not sure. where to connect them all.

Please help me
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  1. be careful with the usb
    power and reset - no worries
    leds, it wont turn on if put on in a wrong way but just reverse it
  2. please tell me in discription about how to connect the panel cables
  3. your mobo directions should tell you which jumpers the cables connect to.

    and the case instructions should provide more insight to exactly which cable is which.
  4. Refer to the MB's manual.
  5. thank's friends i will try to connect them
  6. Watch some youtube videos on how o build a PC. There are lot of them in youtube.
  7. thanks after viewing youtube videos i am
    able to on the computer.
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