Is Microsoft Ergonomic 7000 keyboard backlit?

Does anyone know if the Microsoft Ergonomic 7000 keyboard is backlit?

I've seen several old reviews (2-3) that say it is backlit but provide no further information. The current microsoft website, newegg, and amazon technical specs do not mention backlighting.

I just called Microsoft Presales by phone and they didn't know either.
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  1. Looking at the picture I would say no
    Older reviews can be older versions of the keyboard.
  2. I highly doubt it, being more of a productivity keyboard they don't need the gimmick gaming features that we 'need to have'.

    That being said, I love my backlit keyboard. I turn off the lights just to appreciate it.

    If you feel the need the sidewinder X4 has them

    Both of these articles say the keyboard is back lit. One is from 2007, and one from March of 2011. The keyboard doesn't look back lit and most manufacturers don't miss on including features built into their product.

    But who knows? :pt1cable:


    Pros and Cons of the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Wireless Backlit Keyboard


    Backlit and can be used in the dark or at night.
    Designed to fit a typist's hands naturally and comfortably.
    Built in zoom feature.
    Programmable hotkeys that can be customized for any application.
    E-mail and Internet hotkeys that make accessing e-mail and Internet applications simple.
    Works up to thirty feet away from the receiver.

    Does not possess a PS2 receiver.
    Quite large in size.
    Rather expensive.
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