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First off, I apologize for my "Lack-there-of" due diligence on this matter. Im looking to assemble a new computer and will have anywere from $2500-$6000 to spend. Of course im trying to get the best bang for my buck "possibly buy mid-grade stuff now, i.e. 2x GTX 660ti SLI" and upgrade to new technology in the future. I have assembled in my Newegg cart a pretty awesome setup for $2800 with an 1155 socket MOBO. At the very least, I'd rather spend big dough on a MOBO fr the future so I can upgrade the sh*t out of it.

Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any future technologies I should wait for?? Much thanks!

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  1. Next Gen Haswell processors will need new mobos because they are getting new sockets, you might as well wait for them since you plan on spending so much :)
    Read the confirmed features
    " Intel is expected to release CPUs based on this microarchitecture around March to June 2013 according to leaked roadmaps"
  2. With a budget like that, I think you should go for X79 chipset Sandy Bridge-E motherboard.
  3. Ill definitely look into it, thanks! Still open to suggestions ><
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