GTX 460 vs GTX 560 for Battlefield 3

is really worth a GTX 560 or with GTX 460 Im just fine to play Battlefield 3? thanks
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  1. What I am doing as of now is two 260GTX's in SLI and I get 40-60 FPS on bf3. I did OC them though.
  2. The 560 Ti is the better solution. I went from a GTX 460 to a 560 Ti and the difference is notable.
  3. If you have a 1gig 460 just get another one and sli them. This would be the best bang for the buck.
  4. well I just wanna update from my GTS 250..

    according to newegg:
    GTX 460
    GTX 560

    I just have 150 bucks and I just wanna know if is really worth the 30 bucks of difference for make an effort to get more money and pay for the 560 or just with a 460 Im just fine?
  5. You can overclock a 460 to what a 560 comes at stock, there's only like a 10 or 15% difference in them.
  6. ^+1, the 560 and 460 are exactly the same apart from clock speeds. a 560 is an overclocked 460. but the 560 you can overclock further again.
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