Best Driver for ATI 4200 and similar IGPs

Hello, so I currently have a HD4200 integrated graphics card on the 785G Chipset, with a core clock of 500MHz and 40 stream processors, and I was wondering, for those of you with the same IGP or other similar ones (eg. the HD3300, 4250, 4290, etc), which drivers do you find gives you better performance? I am currently using 11.6b, but I can't overclock on them (IRQL_less_or_equal error every time I try, although it worked in drivers before 11.6), although I get the highest PCMark 05 Graphics Score on 11.6b (2147). Thanks!
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  1. Why even bother overclocking a low power solution? It is suitable to watch movies and browse the internet along with running office programs.
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