USB sound adapter malfunction!

My USB sound adapter (3D sound) malfunctioned, i now only hear one chanel (mono sound), my headphones work fine on other devices. Please help me, can this be fixed??
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  1. inspect the inside of the usb connector of sound adapter
    try to make sure no pins are bent

    also go to device manager (right click my computer>manage>device manager)
    select the device from the list and uninstall driver
    unplug usb audio
    then restart computer and then plug in the sound adapter
    and let windows reinstall driver or you might need to use the driver disk that came with it

    also go into the start menu>control panel>hardware and sound>check settings for audio device in the properties menu

    try this and report back
  2. Can't find driver
  3. what is company and model number of USB sound adapter
    I can look up the driver for you
    sounds like the driver never installed and that is why you are having these problems
  4. 3D Sound, and it has a barcode on the back *ZC5523213SL*
  5. the model number has to be on it
    take a look at this list of drivers
  6. I tried installing but got error: please plug-in Comodow USB Audio
  7. you NEED to know your USB adapters model number
    necessary info
  8. There is no model number writen, it's just like the one in the picture on the link you sent me. I tried instaling both versions from the link... neither worked
  9. I am sorry
    try checking this link out
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