Does i7 3820 support PCIe 3.0?

Does the i7 3820 support PCIe 3.0?
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  1. Have you even tried looking on Google or Intel's website?
  2. $500 says the answer to that, as well as the question "Will you ever post on these forums again" is no.
  3. I'm always surprise that people know about this site without knowing how to google.
  4. Google??
  5. Yes I did google it.

    I found two sources thus far, but I'm not sure if they are valid, and that is why I made this thread.


    I also posted this same question on another forum

    In addition, I posted on Intel's forum (I'm still awaiting their reply).
  6. if you are thinking of buying i would ask itel or the dealer first, or just wait until ivy bridge is out
  7. I've contacted them via phone. However, the guy did not seem too sure. I'd like to wait for Ivy Bridge, but I can't, I need a CPU this week,
  8. the link just above says no. Ivybridge is the first to support pci-e 3.0
  9. Thank you.

    I don't understand why some sources said it did support.
  10. the mobo can probably support it (nearly all of the 1155 ones can, so I'd think that the 2011 ones would too) but the controller is on the CPU, so if it can't it can't.
  11. Well, I called Intel twice.

    The first agent on the phone told me it does not support 3.0.

    I called back a second time, an hour later, just to confirm. The second agent said it does support 3.0.

    I've been getting conflicting reports all day, from both Intel sales agents, and from internet sources.
  12. 13thmonkey said:
    the link just above says no. Ivybridge is the first to support pci-e 3.0

    Thats not quite true:

    Sandy Bridge-E is the first to support PCIe 3.0 even though for some reason Intels site states it is PCIe 2.0.

    IB will be the first mainstream CPU to support PCIe 3.0 but SB-E currently does, so the 3820 will support PCIe 3.0:

    I think Intel just isn't pronouncing it as it depends on the mobo:

    This MSI only have PCIe 2.0.

    While this Asus has 2 PCIe 3.0:
  13. I run a 3820 paired with an ASRock Extreme4-m and Sapphire Radeon 7950 OC. The BIOS is set for PCIe 3 mode (default was 2), and the video card driver and overclocking utility are reporting PCIe 3 mode. The 3820 supports PCIe 3 unofficially. It is working for me.
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