Not sure wich video card's are compatible with motherboard.

Hello eveybody,

I have picked out a motherboard that i like and i looked at the spec sheet to see wich video card's are compatible with it,
but i do not understand wich one's would be compatible with the motherboard. Here is the motherboard.

on the spec sheet for video card's it say's this:

PCI Slots: 1

PCI Express X1 Slots: 1

PCI Express X8 Slots: 2

I do not know wich card's fit in those categorie's, i have looked at the PCI card's and they just seem outdated because of the max memory they can hold, i could be wrong, and then the other two choice's that i have seen on that site for card's are PCI express 2.0 and 2.1, wich i do not know if they are compatible with the board since on the spec sheet it is not listed, and i do not know what PCI express x1 or x8 mean. if someone could please explain and help me with this, i would appreciate it.

thank you! :)
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  1. They mean in dual mode they will both run at x8/x8.If your only using one GPU it will run at x16.You need to look for a PCI-Express x16 2.1/2.0 card.

    What is your budget for the card and what are you using it for?

    What are your full system specs(CPU,RAM,PSU,etc.)?
  2. You motherboard only has a PCI-E 8x slot. Any PCI-E 2.0/2.1 cards will be backward compatible, but you will run about 8-10% slower than if you had a PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot.
  3. My mistake.The mobo is made to be used for SLI so both PCI-E slots will run at x8 even if your only using a single card.gmcizzle is correct.
  4. sick, so that mean's i can get a PCI Express 2.0 or 2.1 card and it will be compatible with the motherboard? i think you guy's already answered my question's, thank's dude's. :D

    may i also ask, what is the difference between 2.0 and 2.1?

    sorry, i forgot to mention that i will be using this pc for gaming mostly and just surfing the web and maybe a little music production. the other hardware i plan to get with this custom pc i am planning to build are as follow's,

    Processor -

    Memory -

    Disk -

    i plan on putting it all together by myself, this will be my first. :)
  5. Basically nothing, the speed is the same as 2.0. Mostly for marketing.
  6. thank's for the help sir.

    edit - Do you guy's think that hardware should work well together? i think with the memory and processor, that it should be mad quick.

    i was just looking through some card's and i found this one,

    i think this will do if i want to run starcraft 2 on ultra setting's, since it has 2 gig's then just 1, i'm not really good with all this tech info, do you guy's think it will be enough for playing game's like that on nice setting's? i don't get why some card's that are 1 gig sell for more then this 2 gig card. i guess they have other feature's i don't know about yet.
  7. If your just playing games I would suggest going for a 1155 build.You will get better performance and it will cost less money.To me,you are paying way to much for RAM.

    What power supply are you going to use?




    All of which is faster but costing about $100 less.
  8. that is true, but do you think the hard drive that i am getting will be good? the mobo say's that it support's 3.0gb's max. i'm not sure wich power supply i am going to get yet, i really don't know what to look for in that. wich one would you recommend?

    i will need a sound card as well right? could i get any sound card, or are there restriction's and thing's.

    when you said that a 1155 build would be faster, how is that so? sorry for asking, it's just that i don't know very much and would like to know more. :D
  9. The MSI mobo has x2 SATA III connections and x4 SATA II connections(which will work is your SSD).The MSI board is a lot better than the EVGA board.It supports SATA III and has more RAM.

    It depends on which graphics card you are going to get.What's your budget for both the GPU and PSU?
  10. PSU=Power Supply Unit

    For a system with a GTX550ti I would suggest this

    What's your budget for the GPU and the PSU and we can make sure you get your money's worth.
  11. for the card, i am willing to spend just under $200. and for the power supply, i want to spend as little as possible, while getting a good supply that is reliable and will be able to handle the power.
  12. 6870

    The PSU I provided above will work with the 6870 as well.The 6870 is faster than the GTX550ti.
  13. alright, thank's for all the help man. i think i'm good. :D
  14. Welcome.

    So do you think you will with the 2500k build or stick with what you originally planned?
  15. yes sir, i still actually have some question's because i still am trying to figure this whole thing out. i wanted to ask,

    i want to get down to the very basic's, so the first question would be. what is the difference between the processor interface's? and i would just like to know as much as i can, so i can pick my hardware to my very specific's.
  16. I'm not sure what you mean by that.

    If all your using this PC for is gaming then the fastest processor you could get as of right now would be the i5 2500k.Not to mention that it is an unlocked processor that will make very easy if you so choose to.The 2500k is faster than the i7-870 when it comes to games.

    What i'm trying to get at is that the 2500k is just a overall better choice than the i7-870.The 2500k is faster while costing $150 less.
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