Database work - dual quad core xeon?

Hi all..come here for some expert advice

I am going to be doing alot of database analysis using a piece of software called caseware IDEA (similar to ACL).

I would like it to run as fast possible, and will be performing multiple queries on several million records with advanced SQL queries.

I want the built to be cheap. I have velociraptors and SSD ready, just need to decide on the board.

It would seem you can get some older generation quad core Xeon quite cheap - I would like a dual CPU motherboard with 2 of these on (X5*** series?) with 12mb cache each

Any help or advice appreciated

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  1. Define cheap. The new Xeon E5s absolutely destroy the older generation when it comes to SQL (and everything else, but SQL in particular), and it might be worth the cost to get the current gen to cut the workload so dramatically. We're looking at upgrading our build network with a dual socket E5 2660 system for exactly that reason.

    Costs a lot more to start, but reduces power usage and increases worker productivity.
  2. Old dual quad core Xeon's will be slower than a single new i7 Hex core.

    Budget first, build second.
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