HP P7-1410 (h-joshua-h61-uatx) Max Memory?


The published specs for my HP P7-1410 say that I can use up to a 4GB DDR3 memory stick in each of the two memory slots, so a maximum of 8 GB of RAM total. The system, however, came with one 8 GB stick installed, and with the second slot empty.

My question: will it do any good to add more memory, or is 8 GB a motherboard or BIOS limit? The motherboard is a Foxconn h-joshua-h61-uatx, and I haven't found any real specs for it besides the obviously incorrect ones on the HP website.

Thank you for your help!
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  1. Which operating system are you using?
  2. Windows 8, 64-bit. Thanks!
  3. I really can't think of a reason why another 8Gb DIMM won't work. However, someone else on here might be able to.
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