Help - Upgrading from RADEON 4890 1GB

Hi folks,

Here are my system specs before we get started:

Phenom II X4 3.2 denab clocked @ 3.6 Ghz stable
Corsair H50 Water Cooler
Asus M4A78T-E
4 GB of decent Corsair Ram
500 GB HDD
60 GB OCZ Vertex 2
Corsair 750 PSU
Antec 902 Gamer Mid tower

I sold my Radeon 4890 for about $70 CAD to help pay for a new card that I want to purchase in about a month. The resolution I play at is 1440x900 and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.

Currently I can't decide between two cards: GTX 560 Ti and the RADEON 6950. From what I've heard, for any of these options it's best to get a card with dual fans (ie. MSi models).

Is the 570 overkill for me? My budget is between $200-300 so I'm guessing my best choices are between these two cards.

Your help is greatly appreciated,

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  1. What PSU are you using?

    For 1400x900 a GTX570 is overkill but I would say go ahead and get one because you will be able to max out games for a while.Also either the GTX560ti or 6950 will be able to max out games at that resolution.

    The GTX560ti and 6950 perform about the same the only difference between them is which game you play because Nvidia cards and AMD cards perform differently in each game.But it's usually only a 5-10fps gain which isn't significant.

    This is cheapest GTX570 I could find for Canada.It's not bad but it doesn't have very good cooling.But it's still very worth the extra $20.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I have a Corsair 750 watt PSU.

    I would get the GTX 570 but I'm hoping around Black Friday it will go down significantly in price. I've heard that the 570 gets way too hot as well so I am concerned about getting a model that only has one.

  3. Well then you could always go for a GTX560ti or a 6950 and get a fully aftermarket version.

    Like this..

    MSI makes some of the best aftermarket coolers on the market.
  4. Quote:
    570 does not have heat issues at all.

    Okay, so you think getting a cheaper version with only one fan is alright?
  5. As long as you have good case airflow their shouldn't be a problem with heat.
  6. The OP lives in Canada.
  7. I would think the EVGA version is better.The MSI version will exhaust out of the case but it will be louder.
  8. ^+1
  9. Yeah it looks good.. but hopefully it will come down in price, closer to $300 CAD.
  10. Doubtful.The lowest it will probably go is $340.But anything could happen.
  11. Black Friday is this Friday?
  12. ^ Nah.. November 25th, day after US Thanksgiving.
  13. 14x9 a 560ti/6950 is plenty to max out games
  14. Oh.That's quite a ways away then.
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