Asus UX51VZ laptop - what ram can I get?

I just purchased the Asus UX51VZ laptop from Adorama, which comes with 8GB (4GB soldered I think and 4GB that can be swapped).

The factory configuration is shipped with 2x4GB RAM modules. It can be increased to a max of 12GB by adding new RAM. My questions are:

1. Would it be detrimental to performance to increase the RAM to the max (12GB), as the size of the two RAM sticks would be mismatched (4GB vs 8GB).

2. What is the RAM that I should buy on Amazon? I did a search on Amazon, but don't know what to get:

3. Is all I need to get in terms of tools a Torx T5 screwdriver?


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  1. 1) If you upgrade to 12GB, then the two RAMs don't match so that they are in single channel mode.
    2) The GPU is the 2GB one, most laptop do shared memory with GPU, then the RAM will be less for using.
    3) After I look at the bottom of the laptop from online, I think you need to take apart the laptop to change the RAM or HDD.
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