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now I have Intel core i3-3220 and motherboard asus p8h67-m but I don't know why my motherboard couldn't be upgraded to newer bios because current bios doesn't support ivy bridge.

So, now I'm thinking of buying a cheap motherboard, below $600. have any suggestion?
Site like newegg is fine for me

thanks a lot :)
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    Your MB need the intel Sandy Bridge CPU on it, then upgrade the BIOS so that you can use the Ivy Bridge CPU like your i3-3220.

    You can't use the Ivy Bridge CPU w/o the newest BIOS. But anyway if you need the new MB, get this one from " GIGABYTE GA-B75M-D3V LGA 1155 for $70 " that will fit you need.

    I read that the MB is from your friend, so can you ask your friend for the CPU to do the BIOS update? Then you can save some.
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