Spark and smoke from Asrock Z77 extreme 4

i recently build my first computer and when i booted it up for the second time inside the case with everything installed, i saw a spark at the bottom left of the motherboard.
my specs

asrock extreme 4 z77
Sapphire radeon 7750
corsair 500r
g.skill vengeance 2X4 gb
and a seasonic 620W psu

now i continued and installed windows and everything worked. right now i am posting this message on my new pc. i am planning on running prime 95 to test stability on my system. so here is my question, should i RMA my motherboard back to newegg? and will my motherboard last? i have had no BSoDs and no other problem otherwise

thank you in advance
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  1. Better safe than sorry, I would RMA that board.
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