Making my wireless LAN same as my Wired-LAN

Hi!! Pls I have my LAN with 5 desktop PCs running on it,recently I added a Linksys wireless router on the same network to connect my Laptop. I can browse the internet using the wireless laptop but I can't access my wired-desktop. Pls help me out.
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  1. Try setting up the new connection between the new computer and the existing network with the firewalls turned off in the computers until you get a reliable connection.
  2. Is the linksys on different subnet than the other network?
  3. Log into the LAN router and set an IP reservation for the Linksys, then log into the Linksys turn off DHCP services, set the IP as the reservation, set the gateway and subnet, and if it has the option to point to the DHCP service... Save the settings. Then take the ethernet cable plug it into one of the LAN ports and not the WAN port...

    Now the router will forward wireless DHCP requests to the LAN router, and you should be able to connect to each of the PC's
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