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Hey guys, I have the ASrock extreme3 z77 board with mushkin enhanced ddr3 1600 mHz 8 gb a stick version. I thought I had some problems with the motherboard, RMA'ed it, and it still wont boot. I thought it was my CPU at first after I tried it with the new motherboard, but turns out my RAM isn't on the compatibility list for my board. Could this be a factor? or is it just my cpu and I should RMA it, because of the fact that it may have ruined the pins on my motherboard if it is broken?
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  1. What happen when you try to turn on you system? Is there any light/cpu fan spinning? Any beep code you here?
  2. no, just a whine from the psu that cuts out for a second once I hit the switch
  3. That means fan and led on for a sec? Right? Its more likely a faulty psu. Try with another psu first/ check the psu to other system or your's friend's pc.
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