Boot Probelm with upgraded motherboard. Help Appreciated!

If i could please refer you here, it seems relevant to this section also. Thanks,
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More about boot probelm upgraded motherboard appreciated
  1. Hi, Try firstly setting SATA to IDE in BIOS. See if it does boot this way from the old HDD. Is the old system still working? Can you use it?
  2. The "old" HDD is a SATA device. I dont know if it is SATA I or II but it ran from the SATA II socket on the old motherboard. Should i still change to IDE in BIOS?
  3. I went ahead and changed it to IDE and that sorted the problem. Thank you so much for your help!
  4. Now it would be good to install the Intel SATA driver and all the other drivers for the new system.
  5. Will this enable me to used my SATA DVD drive to install a fresh copy of windows?
  6. The DVD should work. regardless the SATA driver. What SATA port have you connected the DVD drive? Try an Intel SATA II port. Does the system boot from an Windows DVD inserted in it?
  7. Its connected to SATAII_2. How do i distinguish an intel one?
  8. Sorry if that seems a simple question. I have been AMD until yesterday.
  9. SATA II_2 should be OK. What's the board's model?
    Now that the system booted is not necessary to reinstall. Updating the drivers should do the job.
    If inserting a DVD in the DVD drive, does Windows Explorer see the files on it?
  10. It is an Asrock Z77 extreme. I can use the PC now but i have a SSD i would install onto if i could. And i will find that out...
  11. It recognises the disk, files on it are visible and it has the icon for a boot disk in windows explorer.
  12. Then you can install Windows on the SSD. Connect it to one of the Intel SATA III ports.
    Switch SATA to AHCI in BIOS.
    Insert an Windows DVD and boot from it.
    Download from the Asrock Download page the F6 Intel SATA driver and save it on a USB flash drive.
    When asked where to install Windows, click load driver and point to the USB stick. Continue installing Windows.
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