New system. $2400 Budget. PSU Consumption Question + New MOBO,RAM.

Hey there guys,

PSU Question:

I am going to be building a new rig for gaming purposes and was liking some advice on which PSU would be good for my build.

At the moment I have these parts in mind:

SSD - Kingston SV100S2 128 GB - $187

GPU - 1280M GTX570 Gigabyte x2 - $758

CPU - i5-2500K - $231

After researching about the GTX570's and running 2 with SLI I found that I would be needing a 850W+ Power supply. I have not taken the CPU Wattage into account though and was wondering whether I would be needing a power supply 1000W+ as the CPU takes 136W when Idle. It jumps 64W when 1 of the 570's is added into the system.

MOBO+RAM Question:

I was wondering what a good MOBO+RAM would be a good choice for my new build would be. I am wanting this to be a High End Gaming PC which can run ANY game at Full capacity and will likely NOT overclock it to the maximum. Maybe just light/medium overclocking.

I would also prefer a Gigabyte MOBO over an Asus as finer detail's between the two suppliers does not really make a difference to me. The price on Gigabyte vs Asus is the comparing factor, Gigabyte comes out cheaper and its a reputable brand which I have used in my current 3yr old rig.

Thanks for all the advice!
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  1. Also, what kind of RAM would I be needing for a Superclocked system If I was ever to superclock my computer. I was thinking of getting 16gb or so as I may be doing video editing/rendering in the future and would be needing RAM for this. What are your thoughts?
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    GTX 570 SLI consumes about 420W for the 2 video cards alone. CPU when heavily oced will consume around 200W. Mainboard and other harddrives/peripheral combined will consume around 100W max. That put it 750W maximum when everything is overclocked. Technically, a high quality 750W PSU will be able to handle it, but that put it at 100% load and so people don't feel comfortable with it. Thus a quality 850W PSU is enough to handle such a system. By quality I mean good brands like Seasonic, Corsair, Silverstone...These PSU will certainly costs at least 150+ bucks or more and can go up to 200 bucks.

    Since you won't overclock it to maximum, a good quality 850W PSU such as Corsair AX 850W (if you want fully modular for easy cable management and Gold rated in power efficiency) or a Corsair HX 850W (partial modular, Silver rated) would suffice. Or if you want to show off, a Seasonic X 850W which costs in the 200 bucks would do.
    Corsair AX 850W 170 USD
    Seasonic X 850W 210 USD
    Please note the Corsair AX 850W is essentially a rebranded Seasonic X 850W so I would go for the Corsair if I were you.

    Motherboard: Since you limit the choice to Gigabyte: THe Z68 UD4 or UD5 is your option. There is no need to go for UD 7 since its for 3 video cards set up.

    Ram - Any 8GB with less than 1.5 V and at least 1600 Mhz CAS 9 would do. Corsair Vengeance, Gskill Sniper are the popular choice among gamers.
    Gskill Sniper Low Voltage 8 GB DDR3 1600 CAS 9 1.25V
    Note: the lower the voltage at stock, the easier it is to overclock the memory by increasing the voltage.

    If you will do video editing and rendering, get the i7 2600k instead of 2500k. Get 2 sets of the gskill for 16 GB if you think that is necessary.

    CPU Cooler: Get Corsair H80 water cool set up for 93 USD
    or if you want a cheap air cooler that has good performance, get Corsair A70

    Case - This is very personal. Some good cases that are designed for easy cable management are Cooler Master Storm Trooper, Corsair Obsidian, NZXT Phantom etc...
    CM Storm Trooper
  3. Thanks so much for your help Jack!

    You answered all of my queries and they were really descriptive :D

    Ive decided, based on your analysis to go with:

    PSU - Corsair AX 850W (Cheaper in Aus and more than enough for what is needed)

    MOBO - Z68XP-UD4

    RAM - As above

    CPU Cooler - As above (Friends also had discussed this AS I was typing the main thread message, 2hrs later they had both bought themselves one xD)

    Case - NZXT Phantom (It just looks so badass ;D)

    Thanks soo much again! Very much appreciated!
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