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Hawk 460 1ghz vs gtx560ti

i want to know an 460gtx hawk is equal a gtx560ti stock
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  1. no its not, try typing coherently if you want a response.

    the gtx 560ti is faster than a 1 ghz gtx 460 at stock
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    Well, GTX560 Ti is still slightly faster than GTX460, GTX560 is a newer tech, so I think you'll better with that one... ;)
  4. ^ The gtx 560 ti overclocks like a beast usually as well, the one in my sig holds a 1 ghz core OC no sweat, at that speed it is practically a stock gtx 570

    ...Well it looks like Bulldozer is an extreme fail across the board--- Ill stick with what I got
  5. The Hawk is close to the non Ti version of the 560, but the 560ti has more cores enabled so even clocked the same the Ti is still 10-15% faster.
  6. 560ti= beast of a card, i am happy with its power coming from an already powerful 6870. It is just nice not even having to touch the OC settings and running metro on max (dx9 of course)
  7. ^lol metro in dx9!? thats not fun

    I run metro with my oc'ed 560ti on dx10 1080p, high, AAA, 16xAF and im getting 30+fps of course im not cranking the physx or anything, just saying
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